10 Things we can’t wait to see in season 6 of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the most watched shows in the world and boy did last season end on a cliff hanger. Plus the show finally caught up the books so all of us book readers can’t feel smug about knowing what’s going to happen anymore. All bet’s are off. We can make some educated guesses however. It’s hard to keep such a popular show a secret when people are flocking to filming locations and tweeting pictures of the cast. Casting calls are a font of information as well. Here are 10 things we can all look forward to seeing in season 6 of Game of Thrones. Spoilers abound.


It’s all but been confirmed that Sandor Clegane, The hound will  be appearing in season 6. The Hound’s hatred for his brother Gregor, The mountain is well known. Gregor is currently Cersei’s creature and when it’s time for her trial by combat there’s little doubt who the Queen’s champion will be. Now here’s where it get’s interesting. A lot of Cersei’s actions, especially her hatred of Tyrion goes back to the prophecy given to her by the woods witch we saw in flashback at the beginning of season 5. The wood’s witch prophecy stated that meet her death at the hands of the Valonqar, Valerian for little brother. Cersei always thought this referred to Tyrion and some fans have pointed out that being born second, technically Jamie is also her little brother. Thing is the prophecy never stated who’s little brother. Enter Sandor Clegane, Little brother of Cersei’s Champion Gregor Clegane. In the Novels it’s a widely accepted fan theory that Sandor didn’t die but was healed and converted to the faith of the 7 by Septon Meribald (It seems likely he will be played by Ian McShane who said he’d be responsible for bringing someone back we thought we’d never see again). So when the Sparrow’s need a champion to for Cersei’s trial by combat it seems likely Sandor will finally get the chance to kill his hated brother. Of course if Sandor win’s, Cersei dies, courtesy of the Valonqar.

Lady Stoneheart

Fan’s have been waiting for the reverent of Catelyn Stark to show up since season 4 and every season there’s been rumors of her appearance even going as far as to be trolled by Lena Headey. Season 6 we may finally see Catelyn’s revenge obsessed shade. Brienne and Jamie are both in the Riverlands this season and it’s been confirmed the Brotherhood without Banners (Who Catelyn leads in the novels after Beric revived her with R’hllor kiss) will be making a return this season. There were rumors that Lady Stoneheart was sighted in the river lands leading an army. Weather these rumors are true or not now seem to be the perfect time her to finally make her appearance. With Brienne and Jamie in the Riverlands as well as the Brotherhood without banners it seem’s Jaime and Brienne will be resuming their plot from the novels after picking around in Dorne and the North. George RR Martin has already said that Lady StoneHeart will have a role to play in the next two books and given the impacts has on Jamie and Brienne’s I can’t see D and D cutting her character out completely. With the show focusing more on magic and the supernatural with Bran becoming a green seer and the White Walkers marching south her resurrection now would be more in line with the themes of the show. Especially with a certain bastard poised to make his return.

Jon Snow and the Battle of the Bastards!

This is the big one. The one we’re all waiting for and knew was coming despite HBO’s best efforts to tell us otherwise. The Return of Jon ::Sneeze Targaryen!:: Snow. We all know he’s coming back the only question is how. Melisandre’s appearance at the wall seemed too convenient to be mere coincidence. I believe that was the whole point of that scene in season 3 when she went to the Brotherhood without Banners to supposedly get Gentry for his king’s blood. It seemed like mostly exposition then but that episode goes along way into explaining the way R’hllor can bring back people and setting the stage for Jon Snow and hopefully Lady Stone Heart. Another popular theory is he will warg into ghost which is a possibility. At the prologue of book 5 George RR Martin had a skin changer Varymar warg into a animal right as he was dying then he was never heard from again. Foreshadowing much?

It’s hard to convince people that Jon Snow is dead when he’s been seen and photographed filming. Those photographs actually clue us in into a lot of the plot from the upcoming season. For one, he’s wearing the same armor that Robb and Ned wore, No more Night’s Watch black. Guess when he died his watch was over. Also he’s fighting a battle with Ramsay Bolton. Rumor is Sansa and Littlefinger is present. Also on Jon’s side he has the Wilding’s and some Northern houses as well. Hold up, after he wins the Battle of the Bastards with Ramsay, Doesn’t that pretty much make him King in the North? No reason for him not to take Winterfell back, it is his home. Sansa’s presence might mean she’s being set up as being the Stark in winterfell. He already has a army. By then would have defeated the Boltons that betrayed the Starks and are hated in the North. And the Last surviving son (as far as the public knows) of Ned Stark just took back Winterfell. Sound’s like King in the North to me. Maybe he’ll head to River Run next to break the siege their under and once again unite Starks and Tullys. The more information I get the more questions I have. I absolutely can’t wait for season 6 to begin. C’mon April!


It’s been confirmed that we’ll be seeing a lot more flashbacks probably courtesy of Bran and his Green Seer abilities. There may be one involving Ned, Brandon and Little finger, Possibly Robert Baratheon but the most anticipated flashback we’re finally going to see what happened at the Tower of Joy. For non book readers the Tower of Joy is outside of Dorne and was where Rhaegar took Lyanna. It was from here he left to face Robert Baratheon at the Trident. Afterwards Ned Stark showed up there with Howland Reed and 4 (check exact number) unnamed soldiers and fought a bitter battle against the King’s Guard that were stationed there including The Sword of the Morning Arthur Dayne. (WHat were the names of the Other King Guards?). All that is know for sure about this epic battle is at the end on Ned and Howland Reed were left alive. Howland Reed saved Ned’s life at one point and after the battle Ned went to his sister lyanna to find her “on a bed of blood”. She made him make her a promise before she died. Afterwards he returned Ser Arthur Dayne’s Sword to his family and Lyanna’s remains to the crypts at Winterfell. Finally we’re getting confirmation of Jon Snow’s parentage. The promise Ned made was obviously to raise Jon as his own knowing how Robert Baratheon felt about Targaryens. The bed of blood was from childbirth. And why else would the Kingsguard be there if not to protect someone of royal blood? R+L=J indeed.

White Walkers

Hardhome was my favorite Game of Thrones episode ever. When the wight’s broke thru and Jon was fighting a god damn White Walker I literally had chills running down my spine. And when his sword Longclaw didn’t shatter and he gave the White Walker the whole can of whoop ass I think I may have ejaculated a little. Well they’re getting closer to the wall and have been moved to the forefront as the main threat. The wall will stand as long as the Men of the Night’s Watch stand true! Probably shouldn’t have murdered your last 2 Lord Commander’s then. Whoop’s. Strictly my opinion but this season the wall’s coming down. Or the White Walkers are going to get past it somehow. That’d be a perfect way to end the season similar to the ending of the first two.

Iron Islands. Theon returning. Theon’s crazy uncles.

The Greyjoys are back! At least Theon’s cooler uncle is. Euron Greyjoy has been cast and Theon’s sister Yara is also making a return this season. There’s a plot line in the books where Balon Greyjoy dies and there’s a “Kingsmoot” where the Iron Islander’s meet to select a king. (Who knew Iron Islander’s were so democratic?) Yara is about to win until her uncle show’s up blowing a horn that’s supposed to control freaking Dragon’s! You can expect his story line to cross with Dany’s. Also Theon was filmed on the set for the Iron Islands, so it looks like Dickless is going back home. Wonder how that’s gonna work out since in the novels he’s being held Prisoner by Stannis.

The return of Walder Frey.

Frey’s back due to the plot revolving around the Riverlands this season. To recap, he’s finishing off the Tully’s but as always he’s mucking things up so the crown sends Jamie Lannister to go straighten things out. Also there’s a strong possibility that Lady Stoneheart will be going around hanging Frey’s this season.Maybe finally we’ll see him face consequences for the Red wedding. Or the death of hope as I like to call it,

The Night’s Watch.

The wall will always stand as long as the men of the Night’s Watch stay true! Probably shouldn’t have killed your last two Lord Commander’s then. The Night’s Watch are in trouble. There’s an army of the dead marching on the wall. They got a bunch of wildlings there who wouldn’t be too pleased to learn Julius Ceasared the man who saved them. The wilding’s also have a giant. Not to mention there are many left. After the war with the wilding there were less than a 100. Sooner or later the White Walkers are going to get past the wall. It’s a wrap for the Night’s Watch when that happens. They were outmatched and outnumbered by wilding’s. What they going to do against Cold Demon’s and Ice Zombies?

We get to see characters that have been Mia. Bran, Rickon, Brotherhood without Banner’s.

Bran’s back and you can expect his Exposition, I mean Green Seer abilities to be front and center. I can’t wait to see what happens with him and if you read the books the coolest person on the show, The 3 eyed raven, Brynden Rivers. He was one of the great Targaryen bastards and fought in the war of the 9 penny kings. He wielded a Valyrian Steel sword called Dark Sister which would really come in handy for killing the White Walkers so I hope he kept it with him. He was a albino warrior wizard and feared by all. He’s probably just going to sit in a tree now but he was that dude once upon a time.  Also In the book’s Melisandre call’s Bran her worst enemy, so that’s interesting. Best of all if Bran’s back then so is Hodor!

Davos and Melisandre

These two have been at each other’s throat since season 2. Now that Stannis isn’t around to protect his red woman anymore she might be in trouble if Davo’s finds out she responsible for Shireen getting burned at the stake like a witch. What will the two of them do now that Stannis is gone? Well i’m pretty sure Mel already has her eye’s on another Azor Ahai. Davos on the other hand owed everything to Stannis. I would love to see him become an advisor to Jon and later his hand if he becomes King of Winter or sits on the Iron Throne. But in my heart I know he’s probably just going to die horribly.


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How to Switch Cell Phone Carriers

It happens to us all. For whatever reason you have a cell phone you want to switch to a different carrier. Maybe you fell behind on your bill or your current carrier is too damn expensive (hello Verizon!) Or you caught a sweet deal on craigslist or eBay only to find you can’t get the phone on because of a bad ESN.


Well don’t brick that phone yet, it may be possible to switch it to a different carrier.

Different cellular companies use different networks. While At&t and T-Mobile use GSM Verizon and Sprint use CDMA. CDMA is more restrictive because of the lack of a Sim card, they already come locked to a specific network. To change networks you have to get the old and new ones to play nice with each other. Before, depending on your specific phone this was damn near impossible. Now that the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act has been signed into law and more cell phones are factory shipped with GSM capabilities and higher end phones supporting different radio frequencies it’s a little easier. You still can’t take a Verizon phone and use it on Sprint or Vice versa, but it’s possible to take a Verizon or Sprint phone and switch to one of the many GSM carriers. So if you got your phone within the last year and it’s one of the higher end models you should be able to switch to a different much cheaper carrier as long as your phone is unlocked.

The first step to switching carriers is to make sure your phone is unlocked. If it came unlocked straight from the factory you’re good to go. But if it’s locked to a certain carrier the first step is unlocking it.

Unlocking Your Phone

On Friday August 1st 2014 Barack Obama signed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act into law.

What this means is technically as long as you follow their guidelines your carrier will unlock your phone for you. Different carriers have different criteria which I’ll get into below. Before you get started make sure you have the following information handy.

The account holder’s name and account number

The account holder’s social security number

The IMEI of your device — often found underneath the battery cover. You can also get the IMEI of most phone by dialing *#06#.

The phone number of your device



It needs to be a device from a current AT&T customer or a former customer, and you’ll need to verify that with either a phone number or account number. The device will need to have been paid for in full and not reported lost or stolen. AT&T customers can unlock up to five devices per account per year.

If you meet their criteria you can unlock your phone online here.



Here’s a list of Verizon devices sold with a unlocked Sim.



Verizon uses CDMA but many of its devices come with a unlocked Sim slot.

This means most Verizon phones, including all LTE devices, aren’t locked. However, your phone must support the radio frequencies of the network you’re switching too. With most newer model higher end phones from manufacturers like Samsung and Apple this shouldn’t be an issue.


You’ll need to have an account with Sprint, verified either through an account number or a phone number. The account needs to be in good standing, and the phone can’t be reported or lost and stolen.


it must be a T-Mobile device, not reported as lost or stolen, associated with an account in good standing, and users can’t request more than two mobile device unlocks in the span of a year. If the device is paid for through an installment plan, it must be paid in full.

Now if for some reason you don’t meet the criteria (I.E, you fell behind on your bill) and your carrier won’t unlock your phone you can still unlock it yourself. The process is different for each phone. I can’t begin to go into them all here but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find out how to unlock your phone. Just Google the name of your phone (I.E Galaxy S3 Unlock) and you should quickly be able to find instructions for your model. Have your imei number handy.

There are also a bunch of websites who will charge you to unlock your phone or for unlock codes. Before you shell out any hard earned cash do your research and make sure your not getting scammed. Make sure all your info is a 100% correct or else your code might not work. Once you submit your information you should receive your unlock code. This is the code you will enter to unlock your phone when prompted after putting in the Sim card from your new carrier.

After unlocking your phone you can now choose an alternate carrier. I’ve included a list of GSM carriers below. Find one with a plan that suits your needs. Most importantly check their coverage in your area. Once you’ve decided follow their instructions on setting up your cell phone on their network on your particular phone. This will involve changing your mobile settings from your old network to your new one. Follow your phone’s instructions on how to change your mobile data network and APN. They should be something like Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> More -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names

From here you can change the settings to that of your specific carrier. You may have to set up two APN’s if you plan on using MMS (Multimedia Messaging)

I’ve included the settings for a few GSM carriers. If yours isn’t listed either google the settings for your carrier or call them directly.


T-Mobile Data

Name     T-Mobile Data

APN      fast.t-mobile.com







MMS Proxy

MMS Port

MCC     310

MNC     260

Authentication Type

APN Type     default,supl

APN Protocol     IPv6

APN Roaming Protocol     IPv4

APN enable/disable    APN enabled



MVNO Value

T-Mobile MMS

Name     T-Mobile MMS

APN      fast.t-mobile.com






MMSC     http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc

MMS Proxy

MMS Port

MCC     310

MNC     260

Authentication Type

APN Type     mms

APN Protocol     IPv4

APN Roaming Protocol     IPv4

APN enable/disable    APN enabled



MVNO Value


Metro PCs

Data APN metropcs MMS APN metropcs WAP APN

Data APN Username MMS Username WAP Username

Data APN Password MMS Password WAP Password

MMS MMSC http://mms.metropcs.net:3128/mmsc WAP Gateway

MMS Proxy proxy.metropcs.net:3128 WAP Homepage

MCC 310 MMS Maxsize 1228800 WAP Port

MNC 16 MMS Profurl http://iphonemms.apple.com/iphone/uaprof-2MB.rdf


Straight Talk


Straight Talk At&t.

Name: straight talk

APN: tfdata

Proxy: Not Set

Port: Not Set

Username: Not Set

Password: Not Set

Server: Not Set

MMSC: http://mms-tf.net

MMS Proxy:  mms3.tracfone.com

MMS Port: 80

MCC: 310


Auth Type: PAP

APN type: default,supl,mms,hipri




MVNO type: None


This is the tricky part. Everything may not function perfectly the first time and require tweaking. How easy or hard this is depends on your phone and your carrier. Most people can get voice and text working without issue but depending on their phone may run into problems with MMS and data, especially LTE. If you’re still having problems google your phone model and carrier  (I.E,Verizon note 3 to T-Mobile). More than likely someone already had the same issue you did and found an solution to their problem.


Alternate GSM Carriers

AT&T GoPhone and Straight Talk. Other options include H20 Wireless, Ultra Mobile, Net10, Lyca Mobile, Spot Mobile, Telcel America, GIV Mobile, Simple Mobile, Red Pocket, and Pure Talk.

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